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Can't find where to get information on using your mobile phone in France? You just did.

Roaming France is here to help you enjoy a mobile France! Find the best deals, so that you can take your mobile with you to France and not pay out a fortune in charges.




You are going to France and you want to know about the mobile phone services, operators, and networks there. Congratulations, you just found the place to find out. Welcome to Roaming France, your key to mobile France.

You have a number of options, which we have grouped into 5 sections - use the links at the top of the page to navigate to each.


If you have a compatible phone you can use a roaming tariff with your existing provider and away you go. This section covers mobile networks in France, mobile operators in France, and if you are travelling from the UK, roaming tariffs from the main UK providers.

French PAYG (pay as you go)

It is possible to buy a pay as you go mobile phone in France easily, even from supermarkets. However, it may not be for everyone as you will need to jump through a few hoops to get it working, and calls back to your home country won't be that cheap. With providers from SFR to Virgin Mobile France, if you are more permanently based in France and are calling within France this may be the option for you.

International SIM

Buying a SIM card before you leave home that is configured specially for low cost calls in France can be a cost effective way to go, and there are plenty of providers out there so good deals can be found.

IP Phones

Internet Protocol phones connected to a PC have been providing low cost or free calls for a while, and they are gradually becoming available as mobile phones - but a truly global IP roaming solution is still some way off.

Directory / Links

Navigate to this page for a complete directory of Mobile France - our directory of French Mobile operators, French networks, and other useful sites to help go roaming in France.

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