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6 Weeks, 6 Countries, 3 Kids, 1 Tent

By On July 26, 2017

Lots of adventure, lots of work. Not really as fun as it looks... but quite a ride.… Read More

Life in France

Serious Setbacks! Inspiration Needed!

By On July 9, 2017

We leave in 50 days and our house is not rented! Our original tenant pulled out. And our French friends are moving.. time to regroup.… Read More

Life in France

Halloween In France

By On June 20, 2017

Holidays in France were a different story. They made the distance feel farther, in a way. Always an extra strangeness of custom, of noticing family was not there (except over Christmas, we… Read More

Travel With Kids

Sweet Sardinia

By On June 4, 2017

Before our year in France I knew nothing about Sardinia.  It showed up on flight options from our nearest major airport for 29 euros one way, and it was an Italian island… Read More

Move To France

Setting Up in France

By On May 25, 2017

You think you're going to finally make it there and collapse by the pool? Think again..… Read More


Climbing Canigou

By On May 15, 2017

If you manage to find yourself for a day or overnight on a shoulder of the Canigou, you will find the rest of the world falling away and gratitude seeping in, for… Read More

Life in France

South of France OR Nova Scotia? Costs comparison.

By On May 10, 2017

Living in the South of France sounds -and feels – rather luxurious.  There’s lots of sunshine, fields of peaches and vineyards, a snow capped mountain over your shoulder, and the Mediterranean off… Read More

Life in France

Animal Farm

By On May 9, 2017

Kat is a creature magnet.  At home in Canada she had a habit of rescuing/capturing everything that came her way, from snails and leeches (yes I know) to snakes.  We had a… Read More

Move To France

Take 2: Getting Back To France

By On May 8, 2017

Some days it seems like we won’t make it back.  There is an ocean in the way, and an ocean of work sitting between us and sitting under the mulberry trees in… Read More

Travel With Kids

Magical Morocco

By On May 4, 2017

Go to Marrakech, cross the Atlas Mountains, and camp in tents in the Sahara. You will love it.… Read More